Accelerated Branding and Ideation.

For smart people in a hurry.


Your great idea deserves a great pitch.

You want to capture an investor’s attention with speed and precision. And your ability to position and message your venture in a compelling way is the beginning of developing a distinctive brand. Whether you’re looking for investors, partners or employees, the sooner you have your brand story dialed in, the faster you’ll get where you want to go. 3-Hour Think Tank can help you get there faster.


Analysis-paralysis happens.

Teams bog down. Sometimes you have to open the windows and let in some fresh air. A 3-Hour Think Tank session will inject new energy and ideas into your group from an outside perspective. We’ll find out where the momentum and passion really is, and you’ll be better prepared to make decisions about which projects to pursue and which to park. 

Executive Teams

Another day another off-site?

It's time to jumpstart your planning and strategy sessions with a 3-Hour Think Tank. We'll hone and articulate your vision in a more powerful way so your team can actually understand it and rally behind it.

A 3HTT session will shake things up and create a new dynamic among the team. We'll create more—and better—ideas in less time. And the whole team will get clear about which initiatives to pursue, and ensure that all voices get heard. 

Companies in Transition

Maybe it's time to visit the tailor.

What does your brand identity or your messaging or your business model have in common with the clothes you wore in high school? They go out of style. Or you outgrow them.

If all goes well, a start-up company grows up to join the ranks of other successful companies. Along the way it's likely that it had to pivot or otherwise respond to shifting realities of the marketplace. Given this natural evolution, it’s not uncommon to wake up one day and realize that everything that got you here, isn’t going to get you there. 3-Hour Think Tank is perfect for helping companies that need to recalibrate their positioning and reach for a new level of sophistication.


Maybe you self-identify as an "entrepreneur," or just someone with lots of balls in the air, or maybe you're at a career crossroads (or fork, blind curve or cul de sac). Working through your options with a neutral third-party - albeit one with a point of view - can be a very efficient way to develop a plan that moves you forward.

Working one-on-one has a different dynamic than a "regular" 3-Hour Think Tank (and a different fee structure), but the results have the same energizing effect, where new ideas and possibilities are surfaced.