Accelerated Branding and Ideation.

What's it for?

Pitch Decks

Buffet’s Law: Every investor group will want to see a different version.

But each version has to deliver your ideas with precision, answer the most important questions and preempt the obvious objections. And in the inimitable words of Mr. Les Ismore:  “Leave your audience wanting more.”


Brand Platforms

Build your company—your brand—on a strong foundation.

Any new company needs a solid communication foundation, not to mention a great elevator pitch.

It’s critical to articulate your fundamental brand values in the form of Mission and Vision in order to inspire others. What do you stand for? Your Brand Platform contains the information you need to inform decisions around design, messaging, customer experience, marketing, recruitment and more.



Great ideas are like oxygen for an organization.

The best ideas are extensible – they have legs – across more than one aspect of your marketing and sales program. And if you’re looking for one or two great ideas, it helps to have lots of them to choose from. 3-Hour Think Tank is all about ideation. Conceptual blending, cross-pollination, mind mapping... there are numerous roads you can take to get outside of the proverbial box. But ideas alone aren't enough, you also want a plan to integrate them and execute. 


Taglines / Brand Themes

A few choice words can do wonders.

To implant your brand into a customer’s imagination with a single, memorable phrase is a powerful accomplishment. Working within such a succinct space is like solving a puzzle, but the result is a valuable asset for your business. The right phrase can become your rallying cry. And developed in conjunction with a strong name, they can deliver a powerful one-two punch.


Investor Presentations

It’s never just what you say that matters; it’s also how you say it.

Eye contact, posture and what you’re wearing when you say it can all play a role in the art of persuasion. Focused coaching with 3-Hour Think Tank can go a long way toward making you a more powerful presenter.


Meetings & Off-Sites

Make a break from normal.

There isn't a breakout session in the world that couldn't benefit from a little inspired outside perspective. Incorporate 3-Hour Think Tank into your next off-site to help inject an active and fun element to the meetings. We can help groups iterate and refine their ideas, develop action steps and presentations, and head back to the office inspired.


Name Development

New companies and products need compelling names.

And contrary to popular belief, all the good ones are not taken. The naming process, however, can sometimes feel like pulling teeth. But just like quality dental work, it’s always worth it in the end. The right name can go a long way toward lightening your marketing load. Just ask Engelbert Humperdinck.


New Products

What is its essence?

A new product concept, or the extension of an existing one, is rich territory to explore. What exactly does the product do and what will you call it? How will you sell it? Maybe you need an app instead of a website? What do you want the user experience to be? Launch strategy? Determining what the new product will look, smell and taste like – figuratively or literally – is critical to success.


Priority Setting

Time is your most valuable commodity.

Whether it’s an annual plan or nailing the feature-set on a new product, it helps to figure out where you should focus your limited time and resources. 3-Hour Think Tank will help jumpstart the process and shine a spotlight on priorities based on which options generate the best ideas and momentum. Then you know which to pursue and which to park for later.