Accelerated Branding and Ideation.


Creative Electricity!

"Anyone can throw out an idea. Sean’s a guy who, on the fly, shows you the ways it can impact your business—from product development to marketing to sales. He’s able to grasp the big picture and the smallest details. And for a straight guy, he’s got an amazing grasp of fashion trends, design and aesthetics generally;-)"

"Sean is creative electricity, generating ideas in the flow with (seemingly) the greatest of ease. He’s got an uncanny ability to draw more out of you, to take your idea further than you could conceive on your own. I think because he’s a skilled writer – and pays attention and listens in ways most people don’t – he’s able to pick up subtleties and make connections that others miss.  When I need ideas, a fresh point of view or just a sounding board, Sean’s who I turn to."

– Tood Douglas, Marketing and Design Director, Pistil Designs