Accelerated Branding and Ideation.


Is it O.K. to wear stripes with plaid?


Wear whatever you want, but only if you can pull them together with a complementary shade of confidence.


Who should use 3HTT?


Entrepreneurs. Startups. Dreamers. Marketing managers. Companies in transition. Executive teams or boards of directors. People or organizations that want to tap into a source of fresh ideas and energy that they may not otherwise come up with on their own. Whether you’re honing your pitch deck to raise money or developing new product or service ideas, 3HTT can be adapted to your needs.

Sometimes, clarity is harder to come by than new ideas. 3HTT is an extremely effective tool to  help get your team aligned behind a coherent vision and positioning. Prior to embarking on new product or design initiatives, you'll have more success in the long term if all involved understand the bigger picture.


What’s included in a 3HTT package?


Because each session is tailored to the specifics of the project, there really is nothing “standard.” That said, please click here for a general overview.


Do you work with non-profit organizations?


You bet. Please contact us for more information about how we work with non-profits and similar organizations.


Do you work with Individuals?

All I do is work with individuals, albeit in group settings...

Yes, I do, in a coaching / sounding board style. I have worked with a number of individuals - entreprenuers, essentially - who want help evaluating the various possibilities inherent in the many opportunities they've (typically) created for themselves. Just like in a multi-person organization, there is a need to clarify, prioritize and move forward. 3HTT sessions work very well in this context.

How much does it cost?


Pricing for a 3HTT session depends on whether you're an individual nurturing an idea for a new app or, say, the China Ocean Shipping Company (COSCO) interested in world domination. Fees also take into account the scope of the project, amount of pre-prep or follow-up required, optional services and the exact nature of final deliverables.

Standard billing structure includes 50% deposit at time of booking, with final payment due at the conclusion of the session or at hand-off of final deliverables. You can read more detail by clicking here


Is there a limit to the size of my group?


We prefer to limit a session to smaller groups (5-7). Research shows that large group dynamics can have a negative impact on these types of ideation sessions. But, if you do have a larger group, it is possible to customize a solution for you. Please click here to be in touch.


Why was 3HTT created?


#1 – In response to a chorus of clients saying, “Hurry up!” while trapped in some process that took too long.

#2 – In an effort to capture the value and power of the ideas, energy and content generated in the first few hours of every client engagement. Looking back over more than 20 years, I've witnessed a tremendous amount of magic created in the earliest stages of projects, but not always capitalized on. And it was often the most valuable – and most fun – part of the project.


How did you come up with the idea?


In a 3-Hour Think Tank, naturally.


Can we do it at our own office?


Yes. But getting out of your usual environment and routine is an important aspect of generating new ideas and maintaining a focus on the task at hand.


You mentioned 4 hours. Why so long?


You'll want to budget 4 hours for 2 reasons: The first is biology. The second is that since we require all mobile devices be turned off during the session, we typically take a technology break so participants can connect with the outside world as needed.


Do you work outside of Seattle?


You bet. Just plan for reasonable travel expenses.


Is 3 hours really enough time?


Yes. With sharp people, a clear definition of tasks and a committed focus, a 3-hour session is nearly perfect. In fact, going much longer results in diminishing returns (and exhaustion).


If 3 hours works, why not 2?


Funny. See also: “There’s Something About Mary” > 7-minute abs.


What is a Graphic Recorder?


Sometimes called a “graphic facilitator,” they are 1-part note taker, 1-part illustrator and 1-part facilitator. They not only capture some of the specifics of what is said, but they use pictures to capture the broader concepts and context. The result is a visually rich and more evocative record of the event. Many clients hang the artwork up in their offices for future reference and inspiration.


So, are you a facilitator?


Yes. And no. A 3HTT session is not about smoothing over disparate points of view (and egos) - though that does happen. The intent is to go beyond the status quo and create new energy, new ideas and new possibilites. Sean's strengths are in synthesizing something new and creating language that activates. He appreciates a group-hug as much as anybody, but that's not the goal.