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A Few Thoughts...

It's (A)live!

While spinning around Maui (a trip we've "branded" SpAM), the 3-Hour Think Tank site went live. Finally.  The process - of developing the site, not riding the bike - reminded me anew what a powerfu advantage it is to be somewhat removed from a creative challenge. As a writer, let me try some math (and irony):

  Distance + Interest + Experience = Valuable Perspective

What I can't do so well for myself, I can do with great effectiveness for my clients. As a riff on the old lawyer saying, I've always said the person who sells their own house (FSBO) has a fool (and a cheapskate) for a real estate agent. I fear the same is true for me here.

Look for regular posts here about all things design, branding, creativity and the totally random stuff that catches my eye.